#DidYouKnow about Vegetarian Water?

It may sound a little weird, but that is the latest marketing gimmick of TTK Prestige, an Indian kitchen appliances company which recently launched its innovative water purifier, able to give you only pure and vegeterian water… Or so they say! In order to provide the state of art technology for the new product, the company partnered with LifeStraw SA, a renowned Swiss company.

Prestige LifeStraw water purifier advertisement vegetarian water

But what does “vegetarian water” exactly mean?

TTK Prestige LifeStraw Water PurifierMost water purifiers use chemicals to kill microorganisms in the water, but leave the dead germs inside the water. According to TTK, this makes the water safe but non-vegetarian, because together with the water you also ingest millions of dead microorganisms. On the contrary, the new non-electric based water purifier, Prestige LifeStraw, would effectively remove up to 99.9999% bacteria, virus and 99.99% protozoan cysts while retaining essential minerals, ensuring that the water is not only safe and free from impurities, but also pure and vegetarian.

So now I’d like to ask vegetarians (because that really made me curious): would you really consider bacteria and other unicellular organisms as part of the animal kingdom?

Personally, I think this is crazy, but apparently the issue is quite debated: the company itself invites people to join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #VegetarianWater, and the issue also became viral on the social network Reddit.

Dear vegetarian friends…. Would you buy Prestige LifeStraw or not? Will you now feel guilty for having unconsciously eaten poor unicellular creatures for all this time? Let me know 😀


One comment on “#DidYouKnow about Vegetarian Water?

  1. Mark Fradl
    July 3, 2014

    As a vegetarian, may I say to my people: stop. Just stop.

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